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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Inks sculpting again
There’s much that unseen
Engrossed, steadily
Penning down a dream

And darkness grows
Breathing in oblivion
Glances of the maverick
Washed away by the setting sun

The sand flows
Moulded by seasons
wet and drenched
Trying to look for a reason

And the world slowly
Shapes, reshapes
Beginning to find symphony in
the undefined maze


Manoj said...

Nice one... n nice title too...

shruti said...

Thanks :)

Neel Bhatt (Zero) said...

The poem itself seems to be a labyrinth - it seems to have much hidden, for the reader to explore.

Looking forward to more ink sculptures...

Quicksilver said...

Poetry and all . Good one kid :)

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Whoa! Strong metaphorical content packed inside,I surmise...I'm stl tryna make sense of de whole thing...Ostensibly abt de pursuit of one's identity,its(de entity's) place in de larger scheme of things et al...
Good one! Lotsa food 4 thought :)

shruti said...

@ Neel- thanks. Hope this sets the wheels in motion.
@quicksilver aka adi-:D thankyou
@cherubic chipmunk aka arvind- glad you liked it. It does have metaphors, a little too many, which does blurr the objectivity a bit.