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Friday, October 28, 2005


Transient supernovas
blast my sky
Scarred boulevards
barren , they lie...

Shuddering rains
fall no more
Flashes of hope
perrinially wiped off by these wars

Creatures of wrath
Raid my land
Lash through my veins
Helpless...I stand

Who do I forgive?
What do I look for?
This monster in me
is killing me more...

The army gathers
The questions multiply
The beggining thats lost
Can it be revived?

Abandoned homes
Ephemeral lives...
Humane holocasts
Homecomings a strife.

come undone

Lacing through
the wilderness
Losing myself
In the bliss

I stay wild
Fly with the green
Knock the doors of xion
And dive into infinity

Echo of the silence
Untouched untamed
No strings attached
Home is light years away

No! no nostalgia
No déjà vus
No shattered dreams
No vindication too

In this sea of green
I have come undone
A precious dream
Of a life under the sun