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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Deep within the woods
Ahead of the canopy
Lay a country quite
And very petite

Nurtured by summer rains
And the winter sun
Bound by mountains
The great ransom

Dale, flourished long
In ignorance of
What lay beyond…
Across the gorge

And in these realms
Where wine and cherries
And farms of mushrooms
Were ever in bloom

Was born Josephine
The daughter of a knight
And as tales recount
The kingdom’s child

With dark locks, black
Of an unveiled night
And eyes that could
Split the trance of skies

Grew she on the moors
And the lush green fields
Where staggered the sun
Did little to reveal

And enigma spared
Rare few
Though most dared not
What she did to

They sung songs
Of great ships that sailed
And woods that lay
A vestige of all tales

And startling voices
She revered of the unknown
Trying to draw closer as
The clocks inched the dawn

For lay this kingdom
Forbidden to venture
Beyond the woods
Of wizards and centaurs

And Josephine waited
In anticipation of
A mystic foray
Someday, to the land across

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A summer, the bells
Rang loud a chime
The familiar old sound
Recounting all good times

Taking me floating
Through the corridors
Of memories, music
Living again the lore

Stuck in this moment
I wish time
Would cease to be
While the sublime

Circles of joy
Elevate again
Losing me in
Those array of lanes

And under this roof
I can live several such lives
Where a symphony nurtures
And the mind wanders alive

Monday, June 19, 2006


I came this far
Thinking all is good
In all eventuality, finally
I had gotten over you

I thrived on thee
A wave of myth
A segment of self denial
For you wouldn’t care to be with

But its ironic how trifles
Can still provoke such wrath
When otherwise through enormities
I can numbly steer across

I tried reasoning, I fled
I grieved, even as I said
Tried to surface and delude
Thinking, that might get me through

But now I am tired
And I wish I could stop
Inching away from you
Has contrived me the wrong plot

The walls of which
Gradually close upon me
And left to choke, it dawns
I have been my own adversary

Friday, June 16, 2006

My beginning(inspired from true life :))

I used to be this kid with a bad handwriting, fairly okay grades and a best friend in standard 1. We were in Zakhama, a field station in the east, and dad being a doc in the army, we had an ambulance for a school bus. Abhishek bhayya, my neighbor, was in 10th grade and awfully fond of pulling my leg in the ambulance rides to school and back. He would often call me names like grumpy nut cracker (from a cartoon show about squirrels), jolly molly (jolly is a game and molly was his rabbits name) and baby elephant because the other girl with me, Pawani, my so called best friend, was totally malnourished.
So one day finally, to vent out all my frustration I wrote a poem and handed it to my grade class teacher, who also happened to be his mum. It went as follows…

His name is Abhishek
Stupid names he makes
In 10th class he is
Still eats my Tiffin’s chocolate cakes

He lives in Zakhama
And all the time he does drama
Looks like a joker
In his dinosaur pajamas

After that day, without fail, he would hum this on our way back from school. Far from getting on his nerves, it actually seemed to be tickling him n this would infuriate me no hell. So I came up with better verses subsequently, and got better with time. The rest is history. Now mostly, my hate poems are not inspired, but anyone who has a tendency to pull my leg…beware. I can do negative print publicity as I have done earlier. Grin.