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Saturday, August 22, 2009


The sun rises
Over grey surprises
Conifers pellucid
Rustling leaves elusive
The thirsty lands
Virgin drops fall on sand
An exhilarating wave
A trampoline day

Scaling notes
The asymptotes
A ticking clock
Dreams knock
A relentless start
A happy heart
The wind on my face
A trampoline day

Questioning voices
Maverick choices
A rebellious spree
Breaking free
Drenched in reasons
Resurrecting a season 
Alive again
My trampoline day


Prayag said...

change your profile pic

Prayag said...

Oh & amazing poem by the way...
See if you can fit it to the tune of "Beautiful SUnday" by Daniel boone :)

shruti said...

:D thanks for an earnest critique

shruti said...

hmm will hear the song. :)

Quicksilver said...

I know trampolines get me high :)
Keep 'em coming :)

gaytri said...

hey gr8 pic. and a lovely poem

shruti said...

@ adi- yeah lets mutually gift each other one when we're super rich(or when we become super philanthrophic)
@ gaytri- Thanks for reading and appreciating it