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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The leafy carpet is breached
Streaming through this morn
Rays infiltrating past the leaves
The greys are gone

And delighted these quaint streets
With silent lacing charms
Of a playful zephyr treat
Sunlit, breathing in an autum calm

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The sun rises
Over grey surprises
Conifers pellucid
Rustling leaves elusive
The thirsty lands
Virgin drops fall on sand
An exhilarating wave
A trampoline day

Scaling notes
The asymptotes
A ticking clock
Dreams knock
A relentless start
A happy heart
The wind on my face
A trampoline day

Questioning voices
Maverick choices
A rebellious spree
Breaking free
Drenched in reasons
Resurrecting a season 
Alive again
My trampoline day

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Inks sculpting again
There’s much that unseen
Engrossed, steadily
Penning down a dream

And darkness grows
Breathing in oblivion
Glances of the maverick
Washed away by the setting sun

The sand flows
Moulded by seasons
wet and drenched
Trying to look for a reason

And the world slowly
Shapes, reshapes
Beginning to find symphony in
the undefined maze

Friday, May 29, 2009

The pallet

There came a pouring sky
And poured its yellow tray
To fill the colours that
The leaves of fall await

The pallet had yet more
It brewed an orange furore
A tiny drop of which
Crept into the sky’s ambit

Then came the darkness cold
And the colours began to fade
So splattered a pinch of gold
Sparkling, nestled lush and stray

And as the birds began to chirp
The stars tucked into the white
On the wings of maverick breeze
It disentangled and fell into the sky

While the brushes got back to work
And the pallet began to churn
The twilight sneaked onto the earth
Hues of yellow, blue and fern