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Friday, May 29, 2009

The pallet

There came a pouring sky
And poured its yellow tray
To fill the colours that
The leaves of fall await

The pallet had yet more
It brewed an orange furore
A tiny drop of which
Crept into the sky’s ambit

Then came the darkness cold
And the colours began to fade
So splattered a pinch of gold
Sparkling, nestled lush and stray

And as the birds began to chirp
The stars tucked into the white
On the wings of maverick breeze
It disentangled and fell into the sky

While the brushes got back to work
And the pallet began to churn
The twilight sneaked onto the earth
Hues of yellow, blue and fern


mikami said...

I liked this.

shruti said...

thanks. :)

Aniket Gheji said...

Hey Shruti.... Good one.... I never thought u can write this way..... Keep it up.....!!!

shruti said...

Thanks aniket :D