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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I set foot on the grass

That grew in the wild

The darkness whispered

Like a wandering child

The night allowed

The moon to sail

Across the woods

Illuminating my way

A unicorn galloped

Silver and frail

I followed it

To be led to a lake

Canopied, which stole

A solitary ray through

Forming a reflection

Of an enchanting moon

Then, chirped a little bird

As was dawn about to break

And the woods grew wary

As the night began to fade

But the story was different

A hundred years ago

When the sun was a welcome traveler

No plunderer nor foe

Then days began to change

As the wild did too

The breeze began to shrink

And the weeds grew

The current in the sea

And the petty lake

Like somehow set to motion

In the reverse way

My woods are alive, but just

And so is a lot, and must

Live on to be for those

Who’re yet to come and go

For thats what makes worthwhile

Every moment of this life

This earth that I must leave

Unscathed and wild and free


Abhi said...

Write more!

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