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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fly away

They told me
Its just so
An elaborate cage
Before you can see what's in store

The beach lay
On the other side of the wall
And beyond the bridge
An inviting mountain sprawl

Then one day
I just sailed away
Flew against snow flakes
Into the foray

And stayed up for days
In a row
Saw my eyes go red
Under those brows

Saw the lashing sky
Pour down all its wrath
Like unreasonable tears
Those insane drops

Saw crimson evenings
Turn grey and dark
And the philandering romanticism
Rejuvenate back to mark

Swam through conspicuous waters
Walked unceasing tunnels
Till rays broke through
Shining down its tranquil

Now I watch my hair dance
And flutter with the waves
But grown too used to flying
To go back to those caves


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Ashish Tewary said...

must be readin too much of fairy tails !! its really good though no negatives !!