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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The poetry I wrote for the cover page of my college magazine ABHIYANTA-06.

I am a million different people
And a million names
I am a symphony
An intensifying chain

I am a writer
The young wise
An artiste, a traveler
A connoisseur of life

I am a protagonist
The born champion
A conquerer by fate
I am the COEPian


prayag said...

i just realized... this poem is plagiarized...get ready for a court case...
havent u lifted the first line straight outta one of ur favourite songs :D

shruti said...

no it hasnt. 'a million diffenrent' is a very popular phrase.

Anonymous said...

This is a very cheesy poem. I would have expected something more captivating and original on a college magazine.

shruti said...

thanks and who might this original anonymous visitor be???

prayag said...

it aint dare u even suspect me...u know how i hold ur poetry in high regard !!! i am hurt !!! i mean...its blatantly copied..but it aint cheesy for sure :D
and why would i post anonymously ????
mr anonymous is probably an idot whose literary sight is myopic !!! viz a non coep engineer or a caferati member :D

Anonymous said...

You have some nerve comparing yourself to Ayn Rand and Jane Austen. Woman, you sure need to put your feet on the ground before you write another lofty word again. And you are NOT a great writer at all. All your poems sound the same. Not an ounce of original thought in them...just stuff you have read here and there. They are fit to be on greeting cards but nothing beyond that. Stop fooling yourself into believing that you have talent!