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Thursday, December 08, 2005

brutal confessions

The day is fresh
Winter , yet nascent
The morning wet
Its breathing meant
To brutally
hurt a nerve
And I can ,
but lament…

I wish to stare
But the tears wont stop
I wait to blink
But my eyes feel fogged
I cant reflect
The spotlight glares
And miles away lies
The idealism I wish to bare

The lost is not
What I hope to revive
The confessions I choose to make
not just to survive
I cant care less
What the world bellows
I stand here
A culprit of my own woes


Punit Dharamsi said...

Hi..good one agn..
so very well it brings out the emotions you are gng thru..

shruti said...
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shruti said...

Thanks .
I hope it delivers , and not exaggerates any emotion .
Poems often tend to do so.
Metaphors are prone to that.