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Friday, December 09, 2005

when you want , it never rains

It was noon. I had been walking in the winter sun for more than an hour now. ‘Electric storm’ was storming my head as the beats synchronized my steps. I was in a trance, oblivious to whatever was happening around, even my own emotions. Just then I bumped into him. I shifted my gaze and began to remove my ear pieces, pretending, in vain as tears violently began to stream down my eyes betraying every bit of that projected numbness. I hated myself for letting him read my mind and I hated him more for not loving me back. It wasn’t raining and I had no excuse to hide my face so bleakly smiled as the saline tears caressed my face. He gently came forward and hugged me and I silently fell back in love with him all over again

1 comment:

Punit Dharamsi said...

how do i praise this wonderfully written piece??
i wish i had the right words.