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Sunday, November 06, 2005

the dreamland chronicle

The sunshine calender
The one that wades
Have you seen it closely
It mumbles… “bring on the dates”

The specky alarm clock
The nerdish look is to delude
Nights , in the closet
It does a tap dance…though crude

The old porch bench
The one that loudly creaks
It flies to lands over the clouds
On rainy days …when everyone’s asleep

The obsolete radio
That lies in the garage
Ever seen it play with the spiders
Musical chairs and hop scotch

The cosco basketball
that has no grip
the threads of which
can be rethreaded to form a whip

and you may think
its old and cant rub
but watch it at noon
take the most fabulous lay-ups

They lie now
Lost in a slumber …deep
Begging me to stay awake
While they dream their own dreams


neo said...

nice !
you write pretty well....
gonna be visiting here more often ...if you dont throw me out that is ;)

shruti said...

:) Course won't