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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

coep(good for the title)

It’s been quite long; I haven’t written anything…or at least anything substantial.
I was just getting bored; you see that’s what diwali is actually for. Kids burn crackers, mom nags, and I get to head the beautification drive. The dusting away of previous rangolis, the scrubbing off crayon marks from kitchen walls and telephone shelves, running behind dogs and shoo-ing them off your garden are some of the important errands comprising this job.
And then she yells, who else…my mom, “look how dirty you are looking …least make yourself a little more presentable”.
“Ya mum, I couldn’t resist, the sudden craving for playing in the muck”
Now that’s some festive treat (smirk).
That done, … (ahem, that is my taking a bath) ….and the rest of the camouflaged torture of meeting guests and getting boxes of sweets, (ya, good …dump them on our head…so that no one in the your family becomes fat)…I decide, its high time I wrote, if not out of sudden creative enlightment, then bored of this hyper exaggerated Indian melodrama.
Actually, even that is not quite the reason I sit down to write. It mostly is because I just happened to check the blogs on net about COEP , and my blog occurred on the 5th , 6th page , that too just 1nce , where as Abhishek n Suparna had there’s splashing all over.
So, this once I write about COEP and COEP alone and you might find the name being mentioned way too often, even multiple times in the same line. So if you are an over attentive , “bored of life” critic , you may as well not read this or if you do please don’t whine about grammar or absolute blandness in vocab or overuse of “COEP” in the text , because that is exactly what I intend to do here.

It’s quite a dormant time. COEP has common offs (as in not officially). Common offs are never official namesake, though most professors and staff love to assume that we are always looking for an extension a weak before and after the actual common off. So again, if the course is left incomplete or if there aren’t any lectures for a month or so, it is all because we sent out “strong vibes” to the lecturers that we might not attend. I say strong because, whenever students give it out, the vibes, it’s always strong. Like they say in all ceremonial orations “the students are the strength of our institution”. Here ,they refers to generally the director and in rare cases the students representative , specially when he is the sensitive shy sort and feels just too abashed to say “good faculty or good infrastructure”.

Though given the chance, I would love to brag of our infrastructure and staff. We never really have to bunk, you know what I mean. About the infrastructure, every time you don’t get the experiments right, you can blame it on the entraptions.
With provisions such as these, why would any student complain?
No, on a serious note, I think….we ought to update ourselves and do a lot more. For a comprehensive coverage on this, refer to “reports” section in the college magazine. It’s the only section where things are not twisted and blown out of proportions. There is never any scope to.

Any ways, I had started out with an objective to mention “COEP” several times, and so far I haven’t really stuck to the resolution.
So, I’ll wrap it up with some very bogus lines. Please don’t judge my writing skills on these lines. For the evaluation part, please read the proceeding poems and if you don’t understand them in the first read, you may add the site link to your favorites and visit this site over and over again at ease. I promise, in due course of time, you will grow quite fond of them, just as I have.

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