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Monday, June 19, 2006


I came this far
Thinking all is good
In all eventuality, finally
I had gotten over you

I thrived on thee
A wave of myth
A segment of self denial
For you wouldn’t care to be with

But its ironic how trifles
Can still provoke such wrath
When otherwise through enormities
I can numbly steer across

I tried reasoning, I fled
I grieved, even as I said
Tried to surface and delude
Thinking, that might get me through

But now I am tired
And I wish I could stop
Inching away from you
Has contrived me the wrong plot

The walls of which
Gradually close upon me
And left to choke, it dawns
I have been my own adversary


Kitarp said...

OMG!!! a superbly fantastic piece... i m speechless.
u shuld'e been in some field dealing with literature!
hope the pen of urs keeps dancing always, and inks interesting steps..

shruti said...

hey thanks bhayya. the thing about being in some field relating to literature is that you have to be creative prenially. With me, its not all that permanent a thing. infact I have prolonged periods of the so called 'writers block'. Anyways, thanks a lot for appreciating the poetry.

Anonymous said...

very impressive u gotta tell me whos this "I" in the poem ..??

Ashish Tewary said...

very impressive u gotta tell me whos this "I" in the poem ..??