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Thursday, July 28, 2005

indian politics

Gather my country men

This ain’t no ordinary lesson

No raving Barbies, no ranting kens

Just a discourse on Indian rapscallions


Yet again .Mr. L.Yadav

Our local scum bag

Has gotten away

With his insidious tag

With Bihar assembly dissolved

Democracy stalled

The states on the dole

And he yet manages to brag

The RSS and the VHP

Flamboyantly crusade

Advanni endorses nascent policies

And BJP enervates

A fortnight later the platter

Is yet again flayed

As the shysters of NDA revert

Ayodhya gets back the freight

Manmohan Singh is busy convincing media

“Its he who governs”

Sonia in her staid accent

Manages to churn

Powerful rhetoric orations

Her Indian kids can’t learn

Endures left’s barbarism

And RJP’s tarrism

And Maneka’s and Varun’s familiarism

Yet UPA stays unburned

BHEL sell off gets scanty

Broadcast seconds to engage

But SRK meeting Sonia

Makes it to the FrontPage

Journalism punch lines

Razzle dazzle dotage

While political daily’s page 3 digests

Becomes the nations latest rage

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