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Thursday, July 28, 2005

fairytale..a ballad(part1)

Oh reader…what do you look for

A poem..a tale ..a dialogue??

Deliver..i will..the sort

That enslaves you…trot trot

There were two lassies

Jenny and jane

Brandishing beauty

And flowing manes

Merchants and shepheards

Drew to their lanes

Showered love and gold

But all in vain

Then came a hunter

Not thin not stout

With bows and arrows

But cupids drought

The bloke he was

Called nimrod of south

But at romance

Dense out an out

Now.. arrived the

Lovers tempest

For nuptials

mayhem and zest

The spring balls

And Wine fests

The country spun a web of its mushy thread

and when the streets saw

the ladies step down

kings offered their carriages

laid out their crowns

they clambered austere

or with a frown

tranquil they rode

to the lavish lounge

while in the fest they saw

the hunter stride

his nonchalance

appealed their pride

in an instant each decided

to be his wife

unaware he was also

the apple of the other’s eyes

in a weaks time

so intoxicated were they l

ove brewed ..then

passion flared

and rest is subject to guesswork raised

what on grapevine was heard

and what evidently remained

and so they met

to confess their love

to the hunter

and each other ..all above


what erupted

was an inferno

like cannons

their furies flowed

its been three

decades since then

the haunted house

speaks of when

the wrath devoured

the two maidens

unblemished alone now

are the tales of the haven

1 comment:

bhargava said...

read ur poem/ text.I guess u shudnt have used double spacing.I c that ur idea cud be told in a fewer words than the words u threw so many and also many times.

Maybe u can be more articulate.However u write well. keep posting!!