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Monday, September 26, 2011


The songs of the play-ground
Rise up a knot and drape
This rumbling hoot, weaving
A dream of rhythmic tales

Convinced all frog-kind are princes
He croaks loud to greet the sun
As a marching rabbit, the Mad-hatter
Drops by to wiggle his bum

The play-rules gets more chaotic
They’re seeped in the daytime glee
And commanding the aerial universe
Is the tiny freckled Mr. Bee

The chip and the chipmunk
Both dodge past the hovering pun
The parrot which can’t stop preaching
Oblivious to its unpopular run

Tis a day in the life of a dreamer
Who spins a story as bizarre as this
But it’s all for that playful grin
That I see on your face now, Miss

1 comment:

Pranav said...

it’s all for that playful grin... nice one!