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Friday, August 05, 2011


Down came a tear drop
Rolling on the cheeks
Seeking earth, with it's daunting mirth
That fall was very steep

Out came a timid sigh
Steeped in the wounds of time
All of mankind's casual liberties
Reflecting in his stark decline

All the years of greed and grandeur
That had coloured the life of few men
At the cost of agony to others
And the sparse resources for zen

We used it all and more
We fed ourselves and deprived
All we could, and the earth that stood
A testimony of our false pride

Now the waves wash down the islands
As quakes rock shores and land
The droughts aren't far and few between
And the floods, no walls can stand

And lost is the merriment of autumn
The carnivals of an early shower
The fall hues and the cuckoo
The blossoming of the spring flowers

The many delights that held us
That inspired our muse and our rhymes
They were all the poetry in our lives
Now they fade away sublime

And as much as our heart grieves
The script cannot be undone
Lest, the heart feels guilty
Prudence shall not awaken


mikami said...

*And the sparse resources for zen*
- So glad to see another poem from your magnificent head. Liked!

Pranav said...

'The script cannot be undone'...
this is harsh reality... the worst thing of all...

cherubic_chipmunk said...

Poignance and eloquence so well interwoven...Loved this piece! Makes me want to try my hand at poetry :)

stray said...

probably the 1st of your poems I ve read Shruti
Simply Excellent :)

aakansha said...

U write too good ....keep up ...and I liked the blog theme as well ....colorful and artistic just like u

shruti said...

Thank you San, Arvind, Utsav and Aakansha. :)
@ Pranav - Yet we stay optimistic. Maybe there'll be a way out.

Anonymous said...

very well written..

shruti said...

Thanks Anatha :)

swati said...

beautiful composition...really love the lyrics as u say!

PK said... a musician....stumbled upon these lyrics... beautiful lines uve written... can i use these to compose some stuff :D ?? ....would give u all the cred for the lyrics though :D