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Friday, January 15, 2010

Random musings

I have a lot of work. And backlogs. Assignments to submit. And an ambition to justify. A life was given to me. For all the same reasons it was given to you or anyone else. And yet the only defining principle is this pursuit of happiness. And in this pursuit of happiness, I feel a dwindling sense of reason. A basic logical flaw that contradicts all my motives. What is it that I wish to chase? Can I just stop and stare? And if that was happiness, why doesn’t the renunciation of this rat race make me feel any closer to god? I want to get to know people, then why is it that socializing becomes taxing? Why is honesty and impulsiveness blindly seen as naivety? Where is the line or how far do the extremes overlap? Why is love such an inconsistent emotion? Why do distances weaken ties? And if emotional roller-coasters caused exhaustion, why is it that when it fades into an even subdued chronic state, it robs life of all its elements? If happiness was a requisite would god take away people you love or make you fall in love with those who can never reciprocate? Or worse make those love you whom you can’t but would hate to hurt. Was happiness meant to be as bleak as sunshine in an overcast? An erratic background score?