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Friday, June 01, 2007


Poems are too many
of rains and butterflies
So this once, of tempest
I set out to write

The tormenting rains fell
Soaking grains of sand
In unison they merged
The sky and the land

The intrepid wind
Fostering all their might
A leap of knots
To match the stormy night

And windows prattled bizarre
Besieged and bare
The crescent moon canopied
By the nights intimidating fare

Loud and insane
The winds continued to whine
The ruddy trees silently
Witnessing their crime

The boulevards lay shadowed
Under the grazing train
Of an enraged tempest
Lying alone mellow and sane

Then the placating dawn
Gradually broke upon
And the night of the tempest
Subsided, till it was gone

And songs broke out again
As the newborn cried
Little rhizomes broke through
The earth, to drench in light

And the dainty zephyr rushed past
Rustling through the leaves
The child of the night
The tempest conceived


Sudhir said...

awesome comeback! hehe.

shruti said...

Thankyou :)