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Monday, September 18, 2006

stay away

Little did I know
Summer grew on so
A bit of history
And a collapsible foe

But are you diseased
Emotionally breached
Do I intimidate you
Stay away if I do

I know no signs
And definitely no crimes
That you might define
To suit your confine

Stay away, I care
It’s a season of despair
Want no more to arrive
Stay away till you can strive

1 comment:

Ashish tewary said...

i have one too frm my friend it goes ..
monkey see monkey do
rab at me to be cool
hear the line engine rhyme
theres just one of us blind
Stay away
Stay away
give an inch, take a smile
scratch an itch, scratch a style
throw it out, keep it in
have to have poison skin
Stay away

(dont use too much of ur head it didnt mean monkey was u !!)