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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Its been quite long
And I havent written
They say the lethargic spring
Can have people quite smitten

All popular songs
are already exhausted
lyrics plagiarized
and incorporated

my creativity has
conveniently taken leave
why do all the rotten things
at the wrong time besiege

but then time aint good
when all thats wrong unlids
so again the last inference
is bigtime invalid

k , I quit
this aint leading nowhere
when the lightning strikes
ill resume , I swear


Shantanu Jathar said...

real neat poems, landed by chance on ur blog.......

shruti said...

thanks for reading.

Paridhi Aggarwal said...

i just landed on ur blog by sheer chance..
but hey..u write real well.. n some of the poems are so expressive that i almost had an imagery running in my mind!
Keep writing..
i will surely be visiting this page again and again.. :)

shruti said...

Thanks Paridhi :)